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This function is used when the User wants to transfer a request to another office.  

The function is accessed via the More Menu in the Actions column on the Active Request Tables:



Transferring a Request to another office:

User clicks the Transfer menu under the More Actions menu to open the following pop up:

The pop up contains a table that is made up of the following columns with a row provided for every location that a copy is available. Note that if there are multiple copies available only one row is shown:


Shows the office where copies are available.  


Shows the Location where copies are available


If there are copies available then a Green tick will be shown followed by a number, which is the number of copies available currently that could be used to fulfil the request

If there are no copies available in an office (i.e. they are all on loan) then a Red X will be displayed


If there one or more copies that are available are Reference a green tick is shown followed by the number of Reference copies.

If none of the copies are reference, a red X is shown.

Available Delivery

Shows either one or both delivery icons to indicate which of the delivery types are allowed by the office. 

The icon of a person indicates Collection is permitted

The Icon of an envelope indicates Sending is permitted


There is only one action at any one time in this column and this toggles between Transfer and Untransfer. The table will also include the users own office to remind them that they may be copies available locally but the Action for this row shows as Current Office and no action is provided.

If the request has not been previously transferred it will show a blue link called Transfer for every location title is available. This allows the user to decide which office they want to transfer the request to.

User clicks on Transfer to transfer the request to the desired office and a green confirmaiton message is shown:

In addition the pop up remains open and the Action has changed to show Cancel Transfer

User can close the pop up using the Grey X in the top right hand corner and the Request table below will be updated to show that the Request has been transferred to the office selected:

This request will continue to show on the users Request screen but will now be managed by the selected office and they will now see this request in their active queue



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