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The thesaurus is a fully integrated and fundamental part of the Soutron Library Management System. It enables you to control vocabularies and taxonomies for fields such as Subjects and Keywords, by creating a hierarchy of preferred terms that guide library staff and users to the most appropriate term. For this purpose, the thesaurus is most effective if you create a network of relationships between terms, with a relatively small number of top level terms.

It can also be used to create authority lists for fields such as Authors, Corporate Authors, Publishers, etc. Even though these do not need a hierarchy, they benefit greatly from the addition of preferred / non-preferred terms.

The following term types are available:

Broader Term (BT)

A term which is more general than the current term

The Soutron Thesaurus is poly-hierarchical, ie a term can have more than one Broader Term assigned to it

Nursing is a Broader Term than Paediatric Nursing
Narrower Terms (NT)Terms which are more specific than the current termPaediatric Nursing is a Narrower Term than Nursing
Related Terms (RT)Terms which are related to the current term in some other wayEcology is a Related Term of Environment
Use For (UF)The current term is used in preference to another termBBC could be a preferred term for British Broadcasting Corporation
Use (USE)A term which is to be used in preference to the current termBritish Broadcasting Corporation could be a non-preferred term for BBC
Scope NoteA description of the term's meaning and / or how it is to be usedFor example: "Use this term to describe ..."


The most common tasks in the thesaurus are searching and adding or editing terms.

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