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Task Maintenance is where you define and manage the tasks, as well as viewing information about tasks such as progress status.

You can also run tasks directly from here.

 To access Task Maintenance, select System Management > Task Centre > Task Maintenance.

The following screen displays:


Viewing tasks

The screen displays any tasks already defined. By selecting from the drop-down lists in the Search Filter, you can limit the display to:

Task typeNotifications, data maintenance, export data 
Task ownerAll Users 
AccessibilityPrivate, Shared, Predefined etcTasks with an accessibility of Predefined should be left as they are, as they are required for optimum running of the application
Task statusEnabled, Disabled 
Execution typeuser tasks, background tasks

User tasks: scheduled imports

Background tasks: Global Edits


Tasks in progress show the percentage of how far through the task they are:


Managing tasks

In the Task Centre you can:

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