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This section allows you to set up suppliers and their details, for use when creating orders. No suppliers are defined by default in the application.

Suppliers can be created in advance, or at the time of creating the order.


This page describes:

To access Supplier Maintenance, select Modules > Acquisitions > Supplier Maintenance.

This takes you the following page:

Adding a new Supplier

To add a new supplier, click New in the Actions menu.

This takes you to the following page:


Enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk next to the label):

Supplier Search Code: *a unique code for the supplier - this can be used to identify the supplier when ordering
Supplier Name: *the supplier's name
Address:address - 3 lines are available for this
State/Province/Region/Postal Town:town, county or state
Post Code / ZIP Code:post or ZIP code
Contact:the name of the contact person at the supplier
Website:the supplier's website address - once you have saved the record you can click on the Open link to test access to the website
Email:email address for the supplier or contact
Phone:phone number for the company or contact
Fax:fax number for the company or contact
DX Company:Company name for use with the DX delivery service - see the DX website
DX Address:Address for use with the DX delivery service
DX Exchange:Exchange name for use with the DX delivery service
My Account Number:Your account number given to you by the supplier
Supplier's Reference:Any reference number that the supplier has
Billing Currency:

the currency that this supplier uses for billing - the Base rate currency will be shown here, but you can select another currency from the drop-down list.

This means that even if the item being purchased is priced in another currency, eg Euros, the supplier will convert it into their billing currency.

Payment Terms:the number of days after the date of the invoice, on which payment is due


When you have finished, click Save in the Actions menu. This now activates the rest of the tabs so that you can add more information about the supplier.

The remaining tabs are:

When you have finished, click either Save & Exit or Back in the Actions menu, to return to the table of suppliers.

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Editing a Supplier record

To edit the supplier details:

  1. Click Edit on the right of the specific supplier row.


  2. Make the required changes.
  3. Then click Save in the Actions menu.

Deleting a Supplier record


Note that you can only delete a supplier record if it has NO order records associated with it.

To delete a supplier record:

  1. Click on the supplier name in the list, then click Delete in the Actions menu.
  2. The following alert message is displayed:


  3. Click OK to continue with the deletion.
The list of suppliers is re-displayed, without the deleted supplier.
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