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The Subscription tab is where you enter the specific details of the order line entry.

You can view the information about the main order at any time by clicking on the arrow at the right hand side of the top header, and collapse it in the same way:



Subscription renewals

A key feature is that subscriptions can be set up as ongoing, which means that there is no annual renewal process to go through. If you wish to use this (it is optional), it needs to be enabled in:

  • System Configuration Maintenance (Acquisitions tab) - a one-off setting
  • specified for each subscription (described below)


Completing the order line entry

Fill in the following information:

# of issues:[Display only] This will show the number of issues to be expected during the subscription period - this is only displayed once you have returned to this screen from one of the other tabs.
Catalogue:[Display only] Shows the CID and Title for the serial for which the order is being created
Is the subscription to be ongoing?

This option appears if you have allowed ongoing subscriptions in System Configuration Maintenance (Acquisitions tab). If you select Yes, the option to specify an End Date disappears.

Caution! If you specify that the subscription is to be fixed, not ongoing, you cannot change it later. Instead you would need to create a new order once the fixed subscription has finished, and set it as ongoing.

We strongly recommend that you set serial subscriptions to be ongoing, as otherwise you would need to create a new subscription every year, for each title. With ongoing subscriptions, all you need to do each year is process the invoice (if you use Soutron for processing invoices).

Start Date:

Enter the start date for the subscription - today's date is shown by default. To change the Start Date:

  • either click into the box and manually enter the date
  • or click on the drop-down arrow and select the date from the calendar
End Date:If you have not selected ongoing subscription, enter the end date for the subscription - the date is calculated as a year from today. The date can be changed in the same way as for the Start Date.
# of copies:

Enter the number of copies to be ordered


This relates to barcoding of the individual serial issues as they are received, and applies to all copies.

Note that you are able to change this setting for individual copies in the Distribution tab

Select one of the following three options:

  • Automatic - this assigns a barcode to each received issue automatically, as long as you have defined a barcode for receipt of serials in Barcode Templates Maintenance
  • Manual - allows you to manually enter a barcode when the issues are received
  • None - select this option if barcodes are not to be assigned to individual issues. Note that if you select this option, you will not be able to loan the issues to users.
Print Label:This is a future option and can be ignored
Payment Type:

This defines how the item will be paid for.

Select one of the following three options:

  • Invoice payment - if the invoice is to be paid up front
  • PAYG (Pay as you go) - if you pay for each issue as you receive it
  • Donation - if the item is donated
One copy subscription cost:

Enter the cost for one copy, in the format 100.00.

Note that you cannot enter a zero value here, unless you have selected Donation as the Payment Type

Electronic Copies:Tick if the subscription is to be received electronically rather than in hard copy: the Distribution tab is then replaced with the Ejournal tab.
No Copies:Tick if no physical copies are to be received (eg for an electronic document): the Distribution tab will then disappear.
Notes:Enter any notes here about this order line entry: this will not be visible when receiving the item
Checkin Note:Enter any notes here that you would like to be visible when receiving the item
Tax Applies:

Select Yes or No (the default) from the drop-down list, depending on whether tax applies to the purchase of this item

Note that you need to have defined taxes in Tax Maintenance in order to use the tax options for orders

Cost Inclusive of Tax:If you have selected Yes above, select Yes or No from the drop-down list to specify whether the value entered for the Item Cost includes tax or not
Tax:If you have selected Yes to the Tax Applies question, select the tax which applies to this order line from the drop-down list
Order Line Discount:If you have defined any discounts for the supplier you have selected, this can be selected from the drop-down list. If there are no relevant discounts, there will be nothing to select.
Discount Value:Alternatively, enter a specific value for a discount (not a percentage), which applies to this line entry only


When you have completed this screen, the other tabs need to be filled in as well before the order can be placed:

  • Expected Issues - displays the expected issues which have been calculated from the frequency and subscription information
  • Distribution - routing lists
  • Accounts - which account(s) the subscription is to be charged to


Note that this information does not have to be completed at the same time: you can click Save in the Actions menu to save the record, and return to it later for further editing


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