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In this step you define whether the imported records are to be published or not and when to receive the import notification email.

Click on the drop-down list.

Choose from:

  • Use System Config - uses the Publish setting in System Configuration Maintenance > Common Settings
  • UnPublish
  • Publish

If you only wish to receive an email when the import fails for any reason tick the 'Report on failure only' option. If you would prefer to receive the report even if it completes without error leave this un-ticked.

Finishing the process

When you have finished, the options are:

  • to save and exit the import profile, click Save & Exit in the Actions menu

This adds the new import definition to the list of existing definitions.

  • to exit the record without saving, click Cancel in the Actions menu

Caution! There is no warning message to remind you that you have not saved your work

  • to save the import definition before continuing, click Save in the Actions menu

Next steps

You may want to set up a task and schedule to process the import, and optionally create an email notification for when the import is finished.  The task and schedule is only needed if you intend the import to run on a scheduled basis, such as periodically loading new users or other records.

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