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In this step you assign Content Types and Record Types to the records.


Note that all the records you have selected will be assigned to the SAME Content Type and Record Type.



The selected records are shown as follows:

From the drop-down lists, select the Content Type and Record Type that all records in the list will be assigned to.

To return to the previous step, click Back.

Click Import.

The imported records are displayed:

The records have now been imported into the catalogue. From here you can:

  • click Close to edit the records at another time. To find the records later, search for unpublished records only.
  • click Edit next to each record to edit it in the normal way. When you have completed your check or amendments of each title you will be returned to this list, where you can continue with the rest of the records.


Note that if imported records have been set to import as Not Published in System Configuration Maintenance, you will need to manually tick "Publish Record" when editing the record.




Experiencing problems with importing catalogue records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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