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In this step you specify the name and location of the source data.


Complete this step as follows:

SettingFunctionDefault Value
Data Downloading TypeLeave this as the default valueFile System
Data Source EncodingLeave this as the default valueAuto
Data Source Folder or File Path

Enter the name and location of the source data in the box, as shown above.


  • Ensure that the import file is actually in the specified location!
  • The file must be on the same server as the application - you cannot use UNC paths. If your application is hosted with Soutron, you will need to upload the file to Soutron - please contact the Soutron Help Desk so that a file location can be set up for you.
  • The filename is case-sensitive.
    If any of the above are incorrect, the task will run but no records will be imported.

Caution! Ensure that the import file name has actually been saved in the box - you may need to enter it twice.

Move processed files to the processed folder

Optionally, tick the box to move the processed file to the processed folder.

The location of the processed file folder is defined in System Configuration Maintenance > Common Settings.

Not ticked


Then go to Step 4.
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