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Certain fields have specific properties that are specific to library cataloguing. These reflect the needs of Bibliographic records which have particular metadata characteristics. 

ISBN Field

The ISBN number is check digit validated. An ISBN must be a valid reference, and can be entered either with or without dashes or spaces:

  1. enter the ISBN number or read the ISBN using a barcode reader or paste it into the field
  2. click on the Add link at the right of the field entry box to perform the check (it is important not to forget this, otherwise the ISBN number will not be saved in the record)
  3. the ISBN number is displayed below the Data Entry box when it has been accepted and validated

Additional ISBN numbers can be added in the same way.

To change the order of the entries listed, use the blue Up and Down links to the right of the entries to move an entry up and down.

To delete an ISBN number, click on the Delete link to the right of the field.

If the ISBN number is incorrect, the following message will be displayed after clicking Add:


Displaying book cover images

If cover images are enabled, the cover image will display once a valid ISBN number has been added. Clicking on the image will link to the bibliographic record for that ISBN in Amazon or Google.

Note that in order to set this up:

The field does not necessarily need to be called "ISBN" - this is defined in System Configuration > Auto Cat & Image Settings

ISSN field

The ISSN field is a single-entry field. It will only accept 8 characters, so the number must be entered without spaces or hyphens.

It validates the entry, so if the ISSN is incorrect, it will alert when the record is saved.

Shelf Reference Field

By default the Shelf Reference field is assigned as a globalisation field, in a Bibliographic Record although this can be changed by the System Administrator in the Field Maintenance function

The Shelf Reference field has special logic built in such that when any copies are created for the Bibliographic Record, the shelf reference can be automatically assigned to each copy record, if the library has Shelf Reference generation activated (set up in Infrastructure Maintenance in System Management). If the Shelf Reference field is set as a globalisation field, the shelf reference that is assigned to the copies, is the relevant one for the appropriate office, office group or country.

In addition, if the library has Auto Update Shelf Reference activated, the shelf reference for all copies will update whenever a change is made to the Bibliographic Record  Shelf Reference.

Status Field

This field can be used to describe the status of either the BibliographicRecord itself (eg To be catalogued, Completed) or the item that is being catalogued (eg Out of Print, Previous Edition, Current). The possible entries are defined in the validation list.



Experiencing problems with Data Entry or Creating Records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.



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