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This section describes the process of setting up a task for the import you have defined.


To access Task Maintenance, select System Management > Task Centre > Task Maintenance.

To create a task, click Create task in the Actions menu.

The following screen opens:


General settings

The General Settings allow you to define overall settings for the task:

Task ActiveLeave this option ticked if the task is to be active; un-tick if not
Task DescriptionEnter a name for the task, such as "Import records" - this is helpful when viewing the list of tasks
Task AccessibilitySelect whether the task is private (only visible to you) or can be seen by all staff


Task specific settings

When you click on this tab, the following screen is displayed:


Complete these as follows:

Task TypeSelect "Data Maintenance"
TaskSelect "Catalogues Import"
Select template for notification

Click Select template to select a previously defined email template to notify you when the import has finished, or create a new one at this point.

The following selection screen appears:

Select the correct template by ticking the box and then clicking Select template in the Actions menu.

Alternatively, you can create a new template here if you have not already done so, by clicking Create new template in the Actions menu.

Either way, you are returned to the main screen, with the template name displayed:

ProviderSelect "Custom"
LanguageSelect the language for the office
OfficeSelect the office to whom the records belong
Content TypeSelect the Content Type to which the imported records are to be assigned
Record TypeSelect the Record Type to which the imported records are to be assigned
Import Configuration

Select the previously defined import profile

Caution! Ensure that the import profile has actually been saved in the box - you may need to select it twice.

If your import file contains records to be updated in the catalogue, as opposed to new records, if a match cannot be found for the incoming record, a new record is created, with the Content/Record Type selected in the task above. 

Export settings

Next click on the Export settings tab. This is where you define who the notification email is to be sent to. The following screen displays:


Select the following options, which are generally predefined according to the task:

StandardSelect "Soutron"
Report FormatSelect "HTML"
Receive MethodSelect "Email"
Report File NameLeave as "Report file"
Report CompressionLeave the compression as "None"
Email data delivery methodThis is predefined as "Include data as attachment"
Mail To:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be sent
Mail CC:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be CC'd
Mail BCC:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be BCC'd
Mail Subject:Enter a subject, such as "Import status report"

Finishing the process

Finally, you need to set up the schedule for the task: click on the Scheduler Settings tab.


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