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You can define more than one schedule for a given task, but only one can be active at a time.

You need to have defined a task before you can schedule it.



To access Task Maintenance, select System Management > Task Centre > Task Maintenance.Having defined the task, click on the Scheduler settings tab.

The screen displays any tasks already scheduled, including those relating to predefined tasks:


Click Create new schedule in the Schedules Actions menu.

Don't use the Add new schedule option as this link is currently not active.


The schedule page will appear, in which the timings are defined:


Define the following:

Schedule typeThis can be set to Recurring or One Time - both will use the assigned Frequency where applicable
EnabledTick if the schedule is to be active; or un-tick if not

Select the required frequency from Daily, Weekly or Monthly and enter the number of days/weeks/months

Daily Frequency

This setting refers to the time of day the task is to run. You can define one of these options:

  • specify the exact time the task is to run. This has to be entered in the format HH:MM::SS
  • specify the task to run every x seconds / days / hours between two specific times. Note that this option is not particularly useful for overdues, as loans do not include the time in the issue date.
DurationSelect the dates that the task is to start and finish. If the task is to be a continuous one, select the No end date option.
SummaryThis summarises the selected settings.

When you have completed the schedule settings, click Save and Exit in the Schedule Actions menu.

You are then returned to the list of scheduled tasks.

Naming the scheduled task

Enter a name for the scheduled task (eg "Claim Generation & Notification"):

Then click Update to finish.


Setting the task schedule group

Select the task either by clicking on it or ticking the box next to it, then click Set task schedule group in the Schedule Actions menu.

This assigns this group as the current Schedule Group.

If this is not defined, the task will simply not run.

Finishing the process

When you have finished, click Save and Close in the Task Editor Actions menu, to be returned to the list of defined tasks.

The task is now defined and active, and will run with immediate effect.

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