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Search templates allow the search screen in the Search Portal and admin back-end to be configured with appropriate fields for your users. They can be configured at three levels

  1. Content type - Allows  fields specific to the content type to be used for searching.
  2. Application Mode - Allows administrators, logged in users and guest users to have different search fields.
  3. Portal - Allows different portals to display different fields which maybe targets towards the portal purpose.

The templates can be found within the Admin site under System & Database Settings > Database Settings > Search Templates

Viewing Existing Templates

The templates tab will show a grid of all existing search templates, for each option you can see which three configuration options are applied (Content type, Application mode or Portal). To the right are three options:

  1.  Allows editing of the template
  2.  Will delete the template from the system. You will be prompted for confirmation of this action. A deleted template cannot be restored.
  3.  Allows a template to be copied, once then editing the template for the first time you can set a new Content type, Application mode or Portal.

Editing Existing Templates

After selecting the edit option for a template you will be shown the current template. This page is separated into two key areas.

  1. Content type, Application mode or Portal selection. Once a template has been saved this cannot be edited.
  2. Fields & Groups grid
    1. Fields - Allows selection of single fields.
    2. Field Groups - Allows selection of a field group.

It is only possible to select a field or field group on a single row as the rows represent the order in which fields will display on the search page.

Theicon to the left of each row can be used to drag & drop the fields to re-order the search template.

The New & Clear button in the header of the 'Fields and Groups' display will add a new field row or clear all fields from the template respectively. Removing individual rows can be done using the bin  icon located at the right of each row.

To save your changes use the save button at the bottom of the template. To avoid saving your changes the grey cancel button can be used to exit the template without applying any changes.

Creating a New Search Template

To create a new Search template for a Content type, Application mode or Portal combination which does not already exist use the Blue 'Create New' button shown above the templates grid.

You then need to select the Content type, Application mode or Portal which this template is to be used for, you can then add all fields you wish to display on the template before clicking save at the end of the page.

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