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Portal search results are now configured from the new search result templates menu option located under System & Database Settings in admin.

On the Result templates tab you will see a Create New button, this will open the template designer to create your new results layout. To the right of this is a link to the old search result templates, this is still used for configuring search results in the older library interface.

The table shows existing result templates which can be edited sing the blue pencil icon on the far right. Here you will also find a red delete button to delete a template and a copy template option which allows for faster setup of multiple content types which require the same or similar templates.

Upon editing or creating a template you will see a basic template page. Here you can select the content type you are creating the template for. This also includes options for a default 'catch all' template and an option to define the 'All' tab on the portal search results. Additionally you can now define search results on a per user mode level, this includes; guest users; logged in end users and administrators (users with a role), you can also select which portal this template should be used for.

Available views selection allows you to select which template types you want enabling for the template, once selected you can then also set the default view.

For further details on setting up specific template types please see one of the following sub-pages:

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