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The Search Portal can be configured using either the Admin or the back office (LMS) menus

Where to define what

Elements are defined in the following locations:


Where defined

Search Portal Layouts Admin > System & Database Settings > Portal Layouts 

Full record display

Admin > Database Settings > Result Templates 

Full record display – which to use

LMS > Record Type View

Full record display – copy fields

LMS > Grid View Management

Basic search/welcome screen

Portal admin

Advanced search screen

LMS (fields)

Portal admin (layout)

Search results

Admin > Database Settings >Search Result Templates

Search results – export/file/print

LMS - If any of the available reports have 'email', 'file' or 'print' checked, the relevant button will show in the portal


Admin – results body template

The Search Portal App Pool needs to be recycled in order to see changes made to elements defined in the templates and fields. To do this:

  1. In the LMS, click on Diagnostic > Diagnostic Default
  2. Click the Cold Restart button to restart the application on the server. It will prevent users accessing the application for a couple of seconds while it recycles.

Changing text on the form

When logged in as Soutron System Administrator, on all screens,  the ability to change the wording of various text strings, is available:

There is a tool icon at the side of the user name 

when the icon is clicked it opens a popup window. Choose to "Show translate buttons" 

   A flag icon appears at the side of any text and when clicked opens a window to allow changes to be made for each language used in the Search Portal