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The Search Portal is the main point of entry to the application for the majority of users. It is accessible from a URL, formatted as follows:

The application can be set up with more than one Search Portal, this makes possible the set up of mini-sites for particular departments or groups of users or different applications. Several clients have both a Library Search Portal and an Archive Search Portal, each with different branding and links and content when a search is conducted.

The Search Portal is controlled in terns of layout and branding and the way in which results are presented using a series of Application Templates. These control the Header, Page Body and Footer of the web page that presents the Search Portal.

Content from within Soutron database and links to external resources as well as data feeds can all be presented in the Search Portal.      

Search Functionality can be configured and is described in Database Search

Design of Search Portals can be explored in  Search Portal Configuration

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