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Soutron is a fully web-based application, so all you need in order to use it is a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari: no part of the application requires a Windows client.

The screens in the application have been designed to aid your navigation through the various tasks. They are all laid out in the same way, so that you know that you will find the same things in the same place throughout the application.

All functions that are required for the application are in the screens and menus for the application, so there is no need to use any of the browser's own functions.


Do not use the Back button on the web browser anywhere in the system - it may produce unexpected results 

Screen layout

The screens are generally laid out as follows, although there are variations depending on the task:

The areas corresponding to the numbers in the screen shot are:


Login area, showing the user's Username, office and language

This remains for the duration of your session in the application
2Menu bar, containing links to the different areas of the application that you have access to

Task panel, containing actions that can be performed on the records in the main area

You can collapse or expand the Task Panel by clicking on the arrow on the vertical line:

4Main area, containing the records or other entities that are being worked on

Adjusting the column widths

Many screens display information in a table.

You can adjust the width of a column to display more of the information.

Hover near the header for the next column until you see the double-headed arrow, then just drag it across until the column is the desired width.


System messages

The system communicates with you through various different message and pop-up boxes, which are themed to allow easy recognition. The table below describes the different types:

Instruction boxes

Instruction boxes are in grey: they appear when you first open a screen, and tell you what needs to be done on that screen.

Information boxes

Information boxes are in green: they confirm actions you have done, such as saving a record.

Alert boxes

Alert boxes are in red: they tell you that something is wrong, for example trying to save a record without completing the mandatory fields.

Question boxes

Sometimes the system needs to ask you a question, or needs confirmation of an action. These take the form of pop-up boxes that you need to respond to before continuing.

The positioning of the message boxes on the screen is defined in System Configuration Maintenance (Common Settings).

The message boxes disappear after a short while: they can be re-displayed by clicking on the icon at the top of the screen, highlighted in yellow below:

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