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Imports can be run directly from the Import Maintenance screen, rather than using the Task Centre.

Running the Import

To access Importing, select Modules > Import > Import Maintenance.

The page displays as follows:

This shows import profiles that have been defined previously.

To run an import:

  1. Click the radio button next to the profile 
  2. Click Start Import in the Actions menu.

You will then be shown a series of tabs with which to define the import.

Record Tab

You need to define the following, from the drop-down lists:

  • Language
  • Office
  • Content Type
  • Record Type        

Data Source Tab


Source type option:

  1. Import configuration: will use the file and folder path defined in the import template
  2. Import folder: will use the folder path specified in System Configuration Maintenance
  3. Server file system path: allows you to specify an alternative folder path from the server. The Task service must have access to the folder.

Move processed files to the processed folder: this will override the value set in the import template and move the file to the processed folder if checked.

Duplicate Detection Tab

Run Duplicate Detection when import completes: This overrides the value set in the Import Template.

Export Report Tab


This allows an email to be sent to you once the import is complete.

A notification template should be set up in advance.

Select the following options, which are generally predefined according to the task:

StandardSelect "Soutron"
Report FormatSelect "HTML"
Receive MethodSelect "Email"
Report File NameLeave as "Report file"
Report CompressionLeave the compression as "None"
Email data delivery methodThis is predefined as "Include data as attachment"
Mail To:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be sent
Mail CC:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be CC'd
Mail BCC:Enter the email address of the person to whom the import notification email is to be BCC'd
Mail Subject:Enter a subject, such as "Import status report"

Post-Import Tab

This tab allows you to pre-define several global edit operations.

Once the import is complete, each global edit operation will be executed in turn.


When you have finished, click on Run import.


Experiencing problems with importing? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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