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The Routing List tab relates to the layout of routing lists for serials circulation.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the Routing List tab to display the page as follows:


The table below explains the function of each setting (the numbers in red correspond to the areas in the layout diagram below):

SettingFunctionDefault value
Routing List Header 1Header for the whole routing slip{none}
Routing List Sub header 2Sub header{none}
Table Header 3Header for the table containing the list of users{none}
Routing List Footer 4Footer for the whole routing slip{none}
Static Email Address 5EITHER, enter an email address to appear on all routing slips{none}
Use Library Email 5OR, select this option to use the email address already defined for the libraryYes
Show Date Received on Report 6determines whether the date that the issue was received appears on the reportYes
Show Address 7determines whether the user's Address appears on the reportYes
Show Notes 8determines whether a Notes column appears on the report - this is not information from a field, it just provides a space for the the people on the routing list to enter notesYes
Show Users Note field in Notes field on Routing list No


Routing slip layout

The example below shows the layout of the routing slip: the numbers in red correspond with the settings described above.

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