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The process of recording the return of item(s) following a loan to an End User 

 To return item(s) that have been on loan, select from the menu   Loans > Return an Item.

The following screen will display:

There are three different ways to identify the items to be returned:

  1. by barcode
  2. by user
  3. by title

If the item cannot be found by any of these methods, it may have been a manual loan which will also allow items to be returned once the End User has been identified. Simply click the items for the End User in question and select the Actions Menu function, Return Marked Items to complete the return. 

Switch to Reservation

When an Item is returned and it is in the Reservation Request Queue, the system will prompt the administrator processing the Item return with the message:

Select No to complete the Return of the Item only and ignore the option to loan the Item to another person  

Select Yes to display the Reservations screen for this Item 

The Administrator may now choose what to do and who to loan the Item to next. 


Experiencing problems with loans and requests? See the Troubleshooting Guide and How do I ...?.

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