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Some messages relating to the Request Wizard can be changed. This page lists all the screens where these occur.



To access Resource String Translations, select System Management > Resource String Translations.

The following messages that are used in the Request Wizard can be changed:

Step 1 screen 


System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text

text under Expiry Date heading:

If all items are required by a particular date, select a date to be applied to all requests. Alternatively you can assign an expiry date per title in the expiry date column. If items are not available by the selected date, the request will be cancelled.





  • Loan Limit
  • Photo Copy Limit
  • Supply Copy Limit

Each of these three will only appear if the user's Access Permissions allow them to make that type of request.


Step 2 screen




System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text

text under Title being requested:

This page shows the titles being requested and their availability. If a title has a red cross in any of the columns, this title is not available for request. For further information please contact us.


Step 5 screen



System NameDescriptionDefault Message Text

text under Request confirmation:

The titles shown have successfully been requested. Your request will be dealt with as soon as possible subject to availability. This page will automatically close after a short period or you can click finish.


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