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This menu option allows you to amend the wording of messages in some areas of the application. This will gradually be extended to all areas.

The messages in this module relate to the following areas of the application:



To access Resource String Translations, select System Management > Resource String Translations.

The following page appears (only the top half of the screen is shown):


You can sort the messages by clicking on the appropriate column header.

Each message line consists of:

  • the name of the system file in which it appears
  • the system name for the message
  • the message text itself

There are various types of message which can be amended:

  • text on buttons and page headings
  • confirmation messages, eg "Are you sure you want to empty the basket?"
  • notification messages, eg "All items have been removed from the basket"
  • instructions, eg "Scan or enter barcode number"

Editing a message

To edit a message:

  1. click the message
  2. click Edit in the Actions menu
  3. The screen changes to show the edit boxes for the column:

  4. change the message as required:


    Note that you cannot edit the first two columns, only the message itself

  5. click Save in the Actions menu to save the changes


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