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The Reservations tab allows you to define whether requesting is allowed in the application. This overrides all other settings related to Requesting.

To access System Configuration Maintenance, select System Management > System Configuration Maintenance.

Click on the Reservations tab to display the page as follows:


The table below explains the function of each setting:

SettingFunctionDefault value
Allow RequestsWhether user requesting is enabled in the application or not - see Requests and ReservationsNo
Clean up user data after supply copy processingIn Supply a Copy processing a temporary user record is created. If Yes is selected for this setting, these temporary records are deleted after the request has been completed.No
Skip request delivery step for Supply a Copy requests No
Hide copies quantity for Supply a copy request No
Photocopy Request Copyright formAllows copyright form to be stored in the system instead (ensures custom forms are retained during upgrades. 
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