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The application displays data in a table for each type of Request where there are active requests, based on filters assigned by default or selected.

The content displayed can be controlled including the Sort order to make it easy to administer and process requests quickly with the minimum of effort. 

There are up to 4 request tables based on the 4 request types. 

The following sections describe the data and functionality available for each Request type. 
Each Request table has two common functions which are shown at the bottom left of each table and are shown by two icons: 

These represent a Search to find records and to Re-load the table grid display

The orange search icon when clicked presents the administrator with a pop up search control 

Select a field and search for data in the selected entry. Clicking on Find will update the table being searched to match the search entered.



To check if any other requests have arrived for a specific type of Request click the Green recycle icon. It will update the table accordingly.


The Request tables are all sorted by default by Title and then if applicable by Priority.

The sort order can be changed by clicking on a column header, which will then show an Up and Down blue icon and by default the sort will be Ascending, clicking again will change the sort direction to Descending




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