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The system comes with a number of predefined reports (see list of current reports), relating to all areas of the system. These report on aspects of the system, typically but not exclusively used for statistics.

Note that this does not include reports generated from search results (export reports)


These are created by Soutron using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. More reports are being added all the time, but if you want a report which is not listed, please contact the Soutron Help Desk.

Reports can be edited or deleted, but it is recommended that this is not done.

Reports are best viewed using Internet Explorer or Chrome - in Firefox they do not display well (they will display in a small window which you are unable to enlarge), but they can be exported. Soutron does not have any control over this display issue.


This page describes:

To access Reports, select Modules > Reports

The following screen displays:

Running a report

To run a report:

  1. Click on the appropriate section such as Loans, Borrowers etc
  2. The list of reports for that section is displayed:

  3. Click on the name of the report you want to run
  4. Depending on how the report has been set up, you may see this simple version:


  5. Alternatively, there may be filter options (this is just one example):


  6. Enter the relevant information to filter your report
  7. Either way, click on the Show Report button to run the report
  8. The report opens in a new window

Exporting or printing the report

It is recommended that instead of printing the report directly, you export it to the required format and then print it. This is because of the limitations of printing from web pages.

At the top of the report is the following toolbar:


To export the report:

  1. Click on the drop-down list next to Export and displaying "Select a format"
  2. Select the required format from the list
  3. Click on the Export link next to the list
  4. You will see the following alert:

  5. Either Open or Save the file as required
  6. You can then print the file or manipulate the data as needed
  7. When you have finished, close the tab which is displaying the report: you will be returned to the requests menu


Note that the report toolbar also allows you to change the size of the page, search for text within the report and navigate between the pages


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