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Loan transactions can be renewed where the administrator has allowed this function to be performed. A default number of times an item can be renewed as a loan transaction can be set for an Office or Library.

The maximum number of renewals is determined by a setting in the Office configuration set up.


To renew loans, select  Loans > Renew an Item.



There are three different ways to search for the items to be renewed:

  1. by barcode
  2. by user
  3. by title

Immediately following correct identification of the Item the system will process the item renewal and present the data in the following form.

The Due Date is calculated and shown but can be amended by using the Calendar control to change. The record of renewal is automatically updated. 


The administrator may then choose a different menu function or process a second item. 

Experiencing problems with loans and requests? See the Troubleshooting Guide and How do I ...?.

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