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The Rating Questions Maintenance module is where you define the criteria on which users rate the catalogue resource, and the ratings.


Note that there are no ratings set up in the system "out-of-the-box".


This page describes:




To access Rating Questions Maintenance, select System Management > Rating Questions Maintenance.

The following screen opens (an existing question is displayed):

Creating a Ratings Question 

To create a new Ratings Question, click Add in the Actions menu.

The following screen is displayed:

Enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk next to the label):


System Name: *Unique name for the question - it should be a meaningful name
Start Date:If the question is to be available from a specific date only, either manually enter a date or click on the down arrow to select a date from the calendar
Expiry Date:If the question is to be available up until a specific date only, either manually enter a date or click on the down arrow to select a date from the calendar
Active:If the question is to be immediately available upon saving this screen, tick this box.



Question tab

Enter the question into as many of the different languages as required. The languages shown are those enabled in Language Maintenance.

Ratings tab

The Ratings screen is shown as follows:


Each column represents a rating - for each rating provide an explanation of what the rating means and you can do this for each language. This information is shown as a tool tip for the user when they hover above a rating in the Add Reviews and Ratings screen.

For example:


1Very poor



When you have finished, the options are:

  • to save the record without exiting, click Save in the Actions menu
  • to save and exit the record, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.

You will be returned to the list of questions.

  • to exit the record without saving, click Cancel in the Actions menu.

Editing a Ratings Question

To edit a Ratings Question:

  1. tick the box next to it
  2. then click Edit in the Actions menu. The same form opens up as for adding a new Ratings Question.
  3. Make the required changes
  4. then click Save then Cancel in the Actions menu

Activating and deactivating a Question

If a question is active, users can see reviews and ratings for that question, even if it has expired.

To activate or deactivate a question, tick the box next to the question and click Change status in the Actions menu.

Ending a Question

Once a question has expired, users can no longer add reviews and ratings to it.

To make a question expired as of today, click Complete voting in the Actions menu. This automatically sets the Expiry Date to today's date.

To expire a question on any other date, edit the record and change the expiry date.

To allow users to continue to see old reviews and ratings, even though no new ones can be created, leave the question as Active.

Deleting a Ratings Question

You can delete a Ratings Question as long as it has not been answered in relation to any catalogue record.

To delete a Ratings Question:

  1. tick the box next to it
  2. then click Delete in the Actions menu


Note! There is no warning message before the Ratings Question is deleted.



The list of Ratings Questions is re-displayed, with the deleted entry no longer appearing.

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