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This screen allows you to select which report to use for printing the labels and then send them to the printer.

The list of available labels reports is defined in System Management (Print Label Reports menu).



The Print Report screen opens as follows (it may appear differently, depending on which report has been selected as the default in the Print Label Reports menu):



Define the print settings as follows:


ReportThis shows a list of all the Active reports that you can select from. If you select a different report, the label for that report will be shown. You can therefore print the barcode labels and then immediately select the Shelf Reference label without having to leave the screen or make any other selections.
Start position

If you have already printed some labels on a sheet, this allows you to start printing at a specific position. Select this position from the drop-down list - the screen will change to show the first label in the starting position selected. The following example shows the report starting in position 4. Note that label positions move from left to right.




Searching for text in the labels

You can search the page for specific text: click on the icon in the toolbar:

This opens a search window in which you can search for text on the screen.

Printing the labels

To print the labels, choose one of the following options:

  • the first icon prints all pages
  • the second icon prints the current page - use the Page controls to navigate to the required page


If you find that the labels do not align well using these print icons, use the Save option described below.


Saving the label file

The options may provide the best alignment:

  • the first icon allows the labels to be exported to RTF format which can be opened by Word and other word processing packages, which is then saved to a file location on your computer
  • the second icon allows you to export to RTF format but also open the file immediately and then use the print functions from within the word processing package


Finishing the process

When you have printed or saved the labels, click Close to finish.

You will be asked if you want to clear the print queue:


Click Yes to remove all items from the queue, or No if you want to go back to them later.

You are then returned to the Print Labels Queue.


Experiencing problems with cataloguing? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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