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The purpose of this menu is to allow the configuration and/or upload of label reports that can then be used within the application.


Whether or not Label Printing is available is determined in System Configuration Maintenance.


By default the system includes five different label reports which provide a mix of Barcode and Shelf Reference label formats. Others will be added in the future.

To access the Print Label Reports menu, select System Management > Print Label Reports.

The following screen opens, displaying the defined label reports:


The following options are available:

Uploading a new report

If Soutron provides you with a report with a different layout but the same data as an existing label report, you can upload the report so that it will be included in the list of available reports.

Click Create in the Actions menu, to display the following screen:



Enter the following information (required fields have an asterisk next to the label):


Name *Name of the label, such as the label provider and code, for example Avery L7162
Description *Description for the label. This is what you will see when you run the labels, so enter a meaningful description, such as Shelf Reference label
ActiveTick if the label is to be active; leave un-ticked if not
DefaultTick of the label is to be the default, ie the label that appears when you open the Print report screen. Only one report can be assigned as the default.
Items per pageEnter the number of labels on a page

Soutron will provide a definition file that you need to upload:

  1. save the file that Soutron will send to your desktop
  2. click Browse and select the file
  3. click Open and you will be returned to this screen
  4. click Add to add the file 


When you have finished, click Save & Close to return to the main screen.

Editing a label report

The edit option allows you to change the name of a report, or turn a report on or off.

To edit a report:

  1. select the report to be edited by ticking the box next to it
  2. click Edit in the Actions menu
  3. You will then be in the same screen as described for Create - make the required changes
  4. click Save & Close to return to the main screen

Activating or deactivating a label report

To toggle the status of a report between active and not active:

  1. select the report by ticking the box next to it
  2. click Change status in the Actions menu
  3. the changed status will be shown in the display

Deleting a label report

If there is a report that you never will use, it can be deleted.


Note that if in the future you decide you would like to re-instate a deleted report, you will need to ask the Soutron Service Desk for a copy of the file.


To delete a label report:

  1. select the report by ticking the box next to it
  2. click Delete in the Actions menu


Caution! There is no warning message before the label report is deleted.


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