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This function allows you to define days as non-working, ie they will be ignored when calculating due dates for loans, and fines.


To access the Non-Working Days Calendar, select System Management > Non-Working Days Calendar.

First, select the location for which you want to define non-working days, from the drop-down list.

If this is the first time that you have accessed this page from this location, you will then need to populate the year for that location, by clicking on the Populate button:

Saturdays and Sundays are automatically assigned as non-working, but you can de-select them if needed, or select additional days.

The calendar then appears, with all the months and days listed, and with the pre-selected days in red:


Click on all the days that you wish to select as non working, which will then turn red. Click again to change them back to black if needed.

Click Save when complete.

Repeat this process for all other offices.

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