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The database indexes text in each field in order to provide fast search.
Non Sorting Words describe those words that may begin a title such as The, A, An, etc and are not to be included in the title sort. The same principle may apply to other fields but Title is the most common.
For example, the sort sequence for three titles will differ when certain words are excluded from the index.

All words included in the sort:

Definite and indefinite articles excluded from the sort:

A house
Harry Potter
The Bible

The Bible
Harry Potter
A house

Note that the non-sorting words still appear in the record, they are simply not included in the sort.

To use the Field Maintenance function, select System & Database Settings > Database Settings > Non Sorting Words from the top menu in the Admin application.

This same function can also be selected using the original menu system

System Management > Database Configuration > Non Sorting Words

 The form consists of two parts:

  1. Words Excluded from Sort
  2. Words Included in Sort

Each lists those words that have been applied to the sort.

To add a new word to be in a list is a simple matter of entering the word and clicking Save for it to appear in the list of words.

Existing words can be edited using the Edit button or deleted using the Delete button.

Where a list list of words might exist the table can be filtered to find a specific word using the filter in the table header.

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