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This function is available only for users with a Login. Guest users do not have a My Account function by definition.  

User Profile

User profile lets your users view all the information you store about them in their user record. It also allows them to see their full login history to check for malicious activity and also reset their password. They are not able to edit any information shown on their record and so should continue to contact the system administrators to edit any incorrect information.

Users can view their login history including the originating IP address and country of origin using the Login history link in their profile.

Saved Search & RSS

If your Portal settings allow, users can save their searches for later recall. In my account they can view those searches and any other public searches in your system. It is also possible to subscribe to a saved search as an RSS feed, edit the search criteria, copy or delete it all using the actions on the right side of the table. The copy function offers two options, the first to copy the saved search URL, the second to copy the RSS feed URL.

Additionally users can favourite their most useful searches which can be displayed on another pages using the Favourites macro.

Search History

Using the search history tab users can re-run a previous search by clicking on the search phrase. Or save a search as a saved search or run the same search on Google using the action buttons on the right.

Account Loans

Account loans allows the user to see their active loans using the first table, and past loans using the second table.

Active loans allow the user to renew an item, unless the item has been requested by another user or the user has reached their maximum renewal limit.

The previous loans table offers an option to request the item again, this will take the user back to the request page within the portal so they can place a new request for the item.


Users can view their active and previous loan requests from within My Account. 

Active requests allows them to view the current status as well as cancel a request using the  red cross icon.

While previous requests shows a table of requests the user has made in the past, this table has a re-request icon  which will allow the user to place a new request for the same item.


From within My account users can access their personal collections (if enabled within the system settings). The Collections menu option will redirect users to the collections page where they can manage, create and view their collections as well as shared collections.

Submissions & Reviews

Under the submissions & Reviews menu you can manage your Out of office settings to prevent being assigned submissions while you are away. 

You can also view all submissions created or assigned to your account. further information about Submissions can be found here.

Notification Settings

This section allows users to manage email notifications.

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