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Reviews can be moderated, to ensure that only appropriate comments are visible in the catalogue.


Whether reviews require moderation or not is defined in System Maintenance (Reviews and Ratings).




To moderate reviews, select Modules > Cataloguing > Catalogue Review Moderation.

The following page displays:

By default, only reviews made "Today" are shown, and with a status of "Awaiting approval".


Note that if a user has submitted just a rating with no comments, it does not require moderation and approval/rejection and so will not appear in the list.


These filters can be adjusted to show different reviews.

To process each review, there are three options:


Confirmconfirms the review, so it will then appear in the catalogue
Reject comments onlythe review will be rejected and removed. If the user has made a rating, this will remain.
Reject comments and ratingsboth the review and the rating will be rejected and removed



Select all the reviews that are to be processed in the same way by ticking the box next to them.

Then click on the appropriate option in the Actions menu.

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