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Merge two or more catalogue records together. 

Any copy records associated with any of the records to be merged, are transferred to the new merged record.

Merge can only be accessed from the search results screen.


Search for the catalogue records to be merged.

On the search results screen, select the records (tick boxes) to be merged and then click Merge in the Actions menu.

The selected records are displayed alongside one another with the field entries for each clearly displayed:

This shows:

  • on the right hand side, the selected records with the entries in all the fields, in CID order
  • in the middle, highlighted, is the record resulting from the merge operation if all fields are used
  • on the left hand side, the fields used in the merge

To remove a field so that it does not appear in the resulting record, untick the box to the left of the field description.

When satisfied with the resulting merged record, click Apply in the Actions menu.

The merged record is displayed in the edit screen.

Click Save & Close in the Actions menu to accept the merged record.

The merged record is now displayed in the full display screen.


Experiencing problems with Creating, Deleting or Changing records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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