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The MARC Fields Mappings menu allows you to map fields in external data sources to your own local fields. This means defining which field in the incoming data (Source Field) you want to import into your catalogue, and into which field (Target Field).

You do not have to map all the Source Fields listed, only those that you want imported into your catalogue.

This page describes:

To define the MARC Field Mappings, select System Management > External Data Sources > MARC Fields Mapping.

If you have not defined any mappings, the following screen appears:

Adding a new mapping

  1. Select the Record Type from the drop down list
  2. Enter the Leader field into the box
  3. Click New to start adding field mappings

Adding field mappings

Once you have clicked New to start, the line for the first field mapping appears:
To add a field mapping:
  1. Enter the MARC field tag in the box, eg 020
  2. If there are any Indicators, enter those in the appropriate box
  3. If there is a MARC Subfield code, enter that in the box, eg a
  4. From the drop down list, select the corresponding Soutron field or Soutron copy field
  5. To add a new field mapping, click New to the left of the line
  6. To add a new subfield to an existing field mapping, click New Sub Field to the right of the line

The screen shot below shows a few fields mapped:

Editing entries

To change the target field for an entry, tick the box next to the entry then click Edit in the Actions menu.


Select the new field and then click Update.

Deleting entries

To delete an entry, tick the box next to the entry then click Delete in the Actions menu.


Caution! There is no warning message before the mapping entry is deleted.


The list of mapping entries is re-displayed, with the deleted entry no longer appearing.

Completing the mapping

When you have finished the mapping, click Save in the Actions menu.

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