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Items can be loaned directly from the copy record in the Locations function, when entering or amending records in the database. 

Finding the copy record

To loan directly from the copy record:

  1. Search for the record.  
  2. From the Full Record Display, click Locations in the Actions menu to display the details of each item in the  Locations table:


  3. Select Loan . It is displayed to the right of the Item Copy record.


    Note that the LOAN option will not be displayed if there are reservations for the item or if the Item is already on Loan to an End User. 

    Access Request Maintenance by clicking on the number next to Total Active Reservations at the top right of the display.

  4. The User Search screen, is displayed to identify the required End User.
  5. Find and select the End User.
  6. Confirm the End User's details in the form presented. The email address is a required entry to ensure that that the person is correctly identified.  



  7. Enter an email address for the user if it is not already displayed.
  8. It is also possible to:
    • enter an alternative address for the End User here, and either save the new address in their record, or erase it when the loan is complete
    • change the Due Date using the calendar 

Maximum loans

If the End User has reached the maximum number of loans allowed, the following alert is displayed:


Click Override to process the loan, or Cancel to cancel the loan.

Outstanding fines

If the End User has outstanding fines, the following message is displayed?

Click Yes to continue with the loan process, or No to cancel the loan.

Printing address labels

Print address labels for sending the item to the user. This should be done after the address details of the End User have been completed.

  1. Click Print labels in the Actions menu.
  2. Select the output options
  3. Click Export at the bottom of the screen.

Completing the loan

Click Loan in the Actions menu to complete the transaction

The Locations table, is presented with the status of the item now changed to Out.


Experiencing problems with loans and requests? See the Troubleshooting Guide and How do I ...?.

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