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This tab displays information about the user's loans, both current and historical. You can return or renew loans and pay fines directly from this screen.

Information is displayed as follows:

Returning and renewing items

You can select the action (Return or Renew) against each item, and then click Process Items at the top of the display.

If all items are to be renewed, click Renew All at the top of the display.

Items which have been returned are moved to the list of Previous Loans and highlighted in blue.


On items being renewed

If you are renewing an item, you will be alerted if there is a reservation on this item (or the number of renewals has been exceeded) by the following message:

In addition, the item with the reservation is highlighted in orange.

You can override this by clicking on the Override Renewal button at the top of the screen (or Cancel not to continue with it):


The renewal is then processed as normal.

Note that the ability to use the override to renew items with reservations on them is not available in the Loans module, only in the Users module.


On items being returned

If you are returning an item, you will be alerted if there is a reservation on this item by the following alert:

Click Yes to go to the Requests Maintenance screen to loan the item straight away to the next user.

Click No to do this later and return to the Loan History screen.


If you have the Fines module, you will see the appropriate fines displayed against each item. This is dependent on the User Groups settings.

For items currently on loan, it displays the current level of the fine.

For items which have been returned, you are able to pay some or all of the fine.

Enter into the box the amount that is to be paid, in the format 0.75, and click Pay.

Once the full amount has been paid, the box disappears.

If the user has outstanding fines, when you return or renew an item the following screen appears:



Click Yes to renew or renew the item, or No to do neither.

If you say Yes to return the item, you have the opportunity to pay the fine in the Previous Loans list, as described above.

Printing the list

To print the list of loans, click Print at the top of the display.


Experiencing problems with managing user records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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