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This relationship is used when you want to link two catalogue records together, each of which relates to a separate catalogue item. For example, you may want to link:

  • different editions of the same work
  • a book and a CD that are part of the same work but catalogued individually
  • a report and its summary report

The purpose of this is to bring together items that might not necessarily be found in the same search, but which give an enhanced view of what is available. When searching the catalogue, you can easily view the related records. 


Before you can link related records together, you need to have catalogued all of them.

Search for the catalogue item you want to start with, and view the full record:


Creating the link

To create a link:

  1. Click View related records in the Actions menu (highlighted in the screen shot above).
  2. You are then taken to the Related records screen:


  3. Click Add in the Related Items menu. This allows you to search for the catalogue item that you want to link to:


  4. When you have done your search, the search results are displayed as follows:


  5. Tick the box next to the record you want.
  6. Click Add in the Related Items menu.
  7. Then select the relationship type from the drop-down list. You have a choice of:
    • Equal (sibling relationship)
    • Parent
    • Child
  8. The relationship is defined in relation to the original record, so if you select Child, this means that the record you are now selecting has a Child relationship with the original record.
  9. To link to more records of the same Content Type, or records of another Content Type (shown on a separate tab, as above), do that first before moving onto the next step.
  10. When you have finished selecting records, click Add in the Related Items menu.

The linked items are displayed as follows:


At this point you can:

  • add more items
  • remove items

To save your work, click Save changes in the Related Items menu.

Viewing related records

The Actions menu records how many related records there are for this item:

To see the related records, click View related records in the Actions menu.

The related records are displayed in a new screen, and includes the relationship between the records:


From here you can:

  • click Go back to catalogue to return to the full display of the main catalogue record
  • view all the related records in more detail by clicking View selected records
  • create more links to related records for this catalogue record, by clicking Add
  • remove links to records by ticking the box next to them and then clicking Remove selected


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