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Renew items by barcode, which is an efficient way of renewing multiple items using a barcode scanner attached to a PC workstation.

To renew a specific item, enter the barcode for the item, then click Renew or press Enter.

The renewed item is displayed in the Renewals/Returns screen:



The display includes a recalculated Due Date and lists the number of times the item has been renewed.

If the renewal limit has been reached

If an item has exceed the renewal limit for the office where the item is located, the message area will inform  that the item has reached its renewal limit:

Click Override Renewal to continue with the renewal if required, or Cancel not to continue with it:



Note that the ability to use the override to renew items with reservations on them is not available in the Loans function. It is only available in the Users function (Loan History).


If the item has a reservation on it

If the item has a reservation on it, the following alert appears and the loan renewal cannot be processed:

If the item is Reference

If the item is marked as Reference, it cannot be renewed.

Reference items can be loaned, usually for a short period of time. By definition a reference item should not be on loan and therefore the system does not renewal of a loan made for a Reference Item.

The following message appears when an attempt is made to renew a reference item:

Due Date

The Due Date is calculated based on the loan period assigned for the location or the copy, taking into account holidays and weekends (defined in System Management).

The Due Date can be changed: click the calendar icon next to the item.

Use the navigation arrows to switch between months and years.

Choose a date and click on it, or click Close to close the calendar without selecting a date..

The revised due date is displayed.

Ensure that the due date is amended if necessary before leaving this function, as it cannot be amended afterwards without a further renewal, which will be calculated in the total number of renewals allowed.


The process is now complete.

To renew another item, scan another barcode into the Renewals entry field on the left hand side of the screen and repeat the above steps.


Experiencing problems with loans and requests? See the Troubleshooting Guide and How do I ...?.

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