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In order to import email from your IMAP inbox you must first setup the inbox using Server maintenance. Once done you can proceed to create an import template.

The template is created in the same way as a normal record import, except in stage two you must select 'Email'.

Step three, you must also select email as the download type, and select the inbox you wish to process using the 'Email to process' drop down.

Step four is used to create the mapping between the email fields and Soutron fields. Available email fields are shown below.

Email Attachments will import all attachments linked to the email. you must use a file field type in Soutron.

Email body will import the HTML version of the email body text, whereas Email Body Plain will remove all formatting except new line breaks. It is advisable to use Email body Plain unless you have a specific need for the html. Both should be imported into a rich text field.

Email Date is the data the email was received.

Email From will import the senders name/email, it is advised to use a text field.

Email ID is a unique ID for the email received in your inbox so it is advisable to import this and set it as your key field to avoid duplication.

Email subject is the subject of the email received.

Email To is the name and email of the mailbox you are importing from.

Once the template has been created you can schedule it in the usual way via task centre to automatically get new emails on a recurring period that suits your needs.

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