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Automatically identifying items for claiming

An automated task runs that identifies for each supplier which items/issues have not been received by the expected date. The following are excluded from this process:

  • specific Items or Issues which have been flagged as not to be claimed
  • specific orders which have been defined never to be claimed

The claim task may be set up to just identify the claims OR to identify the claims AND automatically send out the claim notices to the supplier, thus providing a complete automated procedure.

Library Notification email

When the claims task runs, it will send the Library Notification Email to all the library staff specified in the claim task providing details of the claims identified, if configured to do so. An example of the email is shown:

The email shows a list of suppliers that have been identified as having claims, and the number of identified issues/items per supplier.

The email also contains a link called "Review Claims" which takes you to the Claims Maintenance page. You will need to do this if the claims task does not have the  "Auto Send Supplier Notification" option enabled, in order to process the claims, ie check and send the notifications to suppliers. If no action is taken, then when the claims notification next runs, then it will show them again until action has been taken so you do not miss anything.

Note that you need to already be logged into Soutron. Otherwise, you will be taken to the login page.

Complete Automation of claims: Auto sending of claim notices to suppliers

If the claims task has the "Auto Send Supplier Notification" option enabled, when the claim task runs it will identify the claims and then automatically send the notifications to suppliers.

Caution: Before enabling this task, you should ensure that your issue expected dates are correct to ensure that suppliers are not sent incorrect notifications. It is recommended that when using Soutron Claims for the first time, for the first few weeks you process the claims manually yourself using the Claims Maintenance page.

Manually identifying items for claiming

This is done from the Check-in screen: select Modules > Serials > Receipts or Modules > Acquisitions > Check-in:

  1. Tick the checkbox next to the item(s) or serial issue(s) to be claimed, and click on the Create Claim button

    You can tick more than one item at a time.

  2. You will get the following confirmation message:

You will then need to process and send the claims in the same way as for automatic claim identification.

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