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After selecting Grid as one of your available view types the below layout will load.

Additional options 

Enable Preview - Displays an icon allowing a pop-up preview of the record to be shown.

Enable Copy Preview - Displays a summary of the number of available copies

Enable two lines search result grid - Allows a 2nd line to display for each row

Show published option - Displays an icon indicating if the record is published (visibility is still restricted based on access permission)

Grid Setup

Adding fields to the grid is done using the green button in the grid header, likewise removing all fields is done using the red clear button.

Select a field from the drop down/lookup selection. Result groups are also listed at the end of the field list.

Drag & drop can be used to re-order fields in the grid using the 'burger stack'  icon.

Once a field has been added you have several options available.

Display name - if you wish to rename the column heading for the selected field.

Width type - Select how the width of the column should be defined (we recommend using %)

Width - set the width of the column. The width of all columns should add to 100%. A warning is shown when saving if this is not correct.

Clickable - Indicates which fields can be clicked to open the full record displays.

Thumbnail size - defines how big images should display. Large = 128px, Medium=96px and Small =64p width.

Multi value - if enabled fields which store multiple values will show all available values, it is possible to use a separator between each entry this also includes displaying each entry on a new line using the separator <br>. To limit the number of entries to a specific number use a field group instead.

Show Details - This defines where icons and text enabled by the Additional options are shown.

At the end of the template is a save button to save your template once you have completed the setup

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