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This menu option allows you to hide, rename and change the order of columns that appear in the Locations table, as well as provide tool tips.

To access Grid Columns Localisation, select System Management > Grid Columns Localisation.

The following page appears:

The Locations table can be defined differently for different OPACs and languages. Unless specified otherwise, the definition applies to the default OPAC (and library staff) and the default language.

Editing a column

To edit a column:

  1. click the radio button next to it
  2. click Edit in the Actions menu

    The screen changes to show the edit boxes for the column:

  3. make the following changes as required:
    • a caption for the column (the Name cannot be edited)
    • a tool tip for the column
    • whether the column is visible or not (all columns are visible by default)
    • the width of the column, which can be defined as a percentage, in px or left as Automatic
  4. click Update to save the changes
  5. change the order of the columns

Caution!  Always ensure that the Select, View, Edit and Loan columns are shown (an error can be generated if they are not).

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