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Globalisation Fields allow different information to be added into the same field for different locations based on Country OR Office OR Office Group. This makes possible local control over aspects of a database record. Metadata specific to an Office or Country is thus controllable within a field. 

For clients who are working in Libraries the application is delivered with the Library Notes field set up as a Globalisation Field. An example of another field that may be used in this way is Shelf Reference.

If a record has an entry in a Globalisation Field then this will always be shown to the End User. If the record also has an entry for a particular office or country, this will be shown only to users who are in that office or country. This ensures that when the application is used across multiple sites information is seen by everyone when applicable whilst allowing local information to be shown only to those to whom it applies.


A Globalisation Field is denoted by a drop down box appearing above the text input box with countries/offices/office groups listed:

Example of a Country drop down:

Example of an Office drop down:

By default the Office or Country that a login account is associated with is shown first.

Entering data

To enter data for a country/office/office group:

  1. Click on the drop down and select a country/office/office group
  2. Enter the data into the white text area in the box below. This adds data to the specific country/office/office group.

To add data for another country/office/office group, select the country/office/office group and repeat the above steps. 

The drop down list of countries/offices/office groups shows a lit light bulb next to those which have data attached to them.

After entering the data for the last country/office/office group, click Save in the Actions menu.

Deleting data

To delete data, select on the country/office/office group and backspace the data out of the text box. The light bulb in the drop-down list is no longer lit.

Viewing data 

To see the information in the countries/offices/office groups, click View All to the right of the box. This lists the country/office/office group and the data, underneath the text box:



Experiencing problems with cataloguing? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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