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This section describes the process of editing more than one copy records at a time, making the same change to all records.

To edit multiple copies via search results:

  1. Having done a search, on the search results screen either select the records you want to edit
  2. Click Global Copy Edit in the Actions menu.

To edit multiple copies via copy management

Having canned or uploaded the barcodes you wish to edit click on the 'Global Edit (Copies) tab from the Barcode scanning screen.

For both of the above methods you are taken to the following screen:

Select the records to be changed

There are two options for the records to be changed:

  • Selected records in search result (the default if you have selected records)
  • All records in database (to be used with caution!)

Choose the relevant option.

Select the field to modify

Click on the field that you want to change

Select the operation and the entry to affect

Steps 2 and 3 act together, and the options you see depend on whether the field you are amending is single- or multi-entry.

Options for single-entry fields:

Options for Step 3 are described in the next section.

Add Prefix - Adds text before the existing value

Add Suffix - Adds text after the existing value

Delete entry - deletes the entire entry in the field

Substitute Entry - replaces the entire entry

Substitute Text - replaces a string of text within the entry

The options are to make the substitution:

  • on all entries
  • on the matching entry (for multi-entry fields only)
  • only if the field is currently empty

Additional options are to:

  • match whole word only
  • match case

Step 3 options

Depending on the operation selected in step 2 the conditions for step three will change accordingly.

Text fields will present a current + new value text input

Deleted flag & reference only fields will provide a toggle option

Location fields will provide the ability to change the office, library, sub-location

Loan period fields will provide a list of available loan periods.

To finish

To set the change in motion, click on the Process Changes button at the bottom of the screen.  Click the Cancel button at the bottom of the screen to return to the search results.

Checking Progress

The task appears in the right section of the screen, and depending on how many records are being changed, will shortly show that the task has been run and the changes made.

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