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Fields Localization allows you to define alternative display names for:

These alternative names are used throughout the application if you are viewing the application in that language or OPAC. The only exception is where you have defined different display text for a field in the Record Type Template: this overrides any definitions in Fields Localization.

To access Fields Localization, select System Management > Database Configuration > Fields Localization.

This takes you to the following page, which displays all the fields defined in the application, using the default language:


Defining tags for different languages

To define field names in another language, click the Language drop-down box.

This displays all the active languages in the application: select the one you want to work with.

Enter the alternative text against the desired fields, for example:

Defining tags for different OPACs

You can display a specific field with a different names in different OPACs. To do this:

  • set the Application Standard to Soutron
  • select the OPAC that you want to make a change to
  • make the changes to the fields, as described above

You can also do this in multiple languages.

Defining RIS tags

To define tags for the RIS standard, change the settings at the top as follows:


Settingchange to:
Application StandardRIS


You can then assign RIS tags for every field in the application, as described above.

Soutron will be providing in due course the EndNote tags as default for fields that are provided by default. For additional client-specific fields, these will need to be added.

Finishing the process

When you have finished defining field names, click Save in the Actions menu.

You can then select another language or OPAC to work with if needed.

Removing tags

To remove a tag, delete it from the box next to the field name.

When you have finished removing tags, click Save in the Actions menu.

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