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The External Fields Mappings menu allows you to map fields in external data sources to your own local fields. This means defining which field in the incoming data (Source Field) you want to import into your catalogue, and into which field (Target Field).

You do not have to map all the Source Fields listed, only those that you want imported into your catalogue.

This page describes:

To define the External Field Mappings, select System Management > External Data Sources > External Fields Mapping.

The following screen appears:

Adding new entries

  1. Select the field to be mapped from the Source Field drop down list and then select the corresponding Target Field.
  2. Click Add in the Actions menu.
  3. Continue in this way until you have mapped all the fields that you require.
  4. Once your mappings are complete, click Save in the Actions menu.

The screen shot below shows a few fields mapped:

How fields import

Publication Date

The Publication Date in most of the data sources has a full stop at the end, so it is not recognised as a correctly-formatted date by Soutron LMS and is therefore not imported.

In addition, only full dates (in the format dd/mm/yyyy) are recognised and imported.

It is therefore recommended that Publication Date is not included in the mapping.

Thesaurus fields

Incoming entries into fields with a thesaurus attached are automatically added to the thesaurus.

Note that fields such as Author often have a full stop at the end, so you may need to amend this in the thesaurus if this is not wanted.

Globalisation fields

Where data is imported into a Globalisation field, it imports against the office of the person doing the importing.

Editing entries

To change the target field for an entry, tick the box next to the entry then click Edit in the Actions menu.

The following pop-up allows you to select a different field to map to:



Select the new field and then click Update.

Deleting entries

To delete an entry, tick the box next to the entry then click Delete in the Actions menu.


Caution! There is no warning message before the mapping entry is deleted.


The list of mapping entries is re-displayed, with the deleted entry no longer appearing.

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