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There are two types of report that can be generated from the system:

  • Export Reports: those that report on catalogue search results - the Report Generator for creating these is described in this section
  • Statistical Reports: those that report on other aspects of the system, typically but not exclusively used for statistics - these need to be created by Soutron or somebody experienced in the use of Microsoft Reporting Services and so instructions for creating them are not included in this Help Guide

The Report Generator allows you to configure search results so that they can be emailed, printed or output to a file such as Word, Excel or PDF. Users can then select from these reports following a search.

Reports can optionally be configured to allow some flexibility to the user: how the report is sorted, which fields it includes and whether attachments are included.

There is no limit to the number of reports that can be created.

Note that the reports that come with the system cannot be deleted or amended, but they can be de-activated.



The Export Administration menu consists of three sub-menus:

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