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Non Sorting Words describe those words that may begin a title such as The, A, An, etc and are not to be included in the title sort. The same principle may apply to other fields but Title is the most common.
For example, the sort sequence for three titles will differ when certain words are excluded from the index.


All words included in the sort:Definite and indefinite articles excluded from the sort:
A house
Harry Potter
The Bible
The Bible
Harry Potter
A house

Note that the non-sorting words still appear in the record, they are simply not included in the sort.

It is possible to change which words are excluded from the sorting by following the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Changing the setting in Field Maintenance

  1. Select System Management > Database Configuration > Field Maintenance
  2. Select the field to which changes should be applied, for example Title
  3. Edit the Title field and tick the box "Enable non sorting words on search results" 

Click the Save button to save the changes.

Step 2: Changing the non-sorting words

Select System Management > Database Configuration > Non Sorting Words

To add a word to the list:

  1. Click on Create New in the Actions menu
  2. Enter the word in the box and leave the radio button as Exclude
  3. Click Update to save the change

Step 3: Amending the search results template

Select System Management > Search Result Templates 
  1. Tick the check box next to the Content Type to edit the screen definition
  2. Click Edit in the Actions menu
  3. Choose the Title field to sort by and then click the icon to the left of the red cross. This determines the exclusion of non sort words or not and is a toggle - on or off.
When finished, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.

Step 4: Running the Non-Sorting Words Task Service

The database needs to be reindexed for the changes to be applied and for the changes to take effect. This is done in the Task Centre.
  1. Select Modules > Task Centre > Task Maintenance 
  2. From the list of tasks select the Non Sorting Words Updating and make sure that only this one task is ticked.

  1. Click Run Task now in the Action menu.
  2. Click Refresh to update the display and make sure that the service has been run, by checking the Last Run Time. Periodically click Refresh until the status shows the correct Last Run time. 
Check that the search results are appearing as required: if not retrace your steps or contact the Soutron Help Desk
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