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The Soutron application is designed to store and index many hundreds of thousands of records. Editing existing records is an important function to maintain accuracy and completeness of the database.

Having done a search, records are displayed in the Search Results table. The Edit function is available from either the search results screen or the full record display screen.

Record Locking is employed in the database to prevent two people editing the same record at the same time. If another member of staff is already editing the record,  the following information message will be displayed:


aIt will not be possible to edit the record until the person indicted has finished and CLOSED the record.

Editing metadata (the record) 

Make the changes required, in each of the fields, using the Record Type Template that is used to create a record.

When finished, the options are:

  • to save and exit the record, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.

The full record is then displayed.

  • to exit the record without saving, click Close in the Actions menu.

The following message appears, to remind you that you have not saved your work:

Click on the required option in the Actions menu to continue.

  • to save the record and then perform other actions, click Save in the Actions menu.


Always ensure that a proper exit from the record is made using the menu functions in the sidebar menu. Otherwise the record will be locked and other users will be unable to access it. If the application is closed while you are still editing the record, it will remain locked and only the person editing the record can unlock it.

Other  Actions 

View Creator information

More information about who has created the record can be seen and amended

Click Creator in the Actions menu. The User edit screen is presented.

Click Back in the side bar menu to return to the Record edit screen.

Experiencing problems with Data Entry or Creating Records? See the Troubleshooting Guide.

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