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This page describes editing an existing Record Type.



To access Record Type Templates Maintenance, select System Management > Database Configuration > Record Type Templates Maintenance. 


Note that you cannot change the System Name for Record Types which are predefined in the system, ie Amendment, Article, Book, Document, Website - but you can change the Display Name, which is what is shown everywhere in the system.


To edit an existing Record Type definition:

  1. From the list of Record Types , click Edit next to the Record Type.
  2. The same form opens up as for adding a new Record Type.


    If you have defined this Record Type for use with one or more Categories, the Categories are listed here.

  3. Make the required changes.
  4. When you have finished, click Save & Close in the Actions menu.
  5. To exit the Record Type definition without saving, click Cancel in the Actions menu.

Either way, you will be returned to the list of Record Types.

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